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How a Teleservices Contact Center Became +60% Faster at Launching New Business Lines

With customer expectations on the rise, contact centers have to be faster and more flexible than ever before. This is especially true for contact centers operating in the competitive and regulated teleservices industry. Being able to quickly implement highly customized engagement strategies can make or break a business opportunity. Yet, speed-to-market has long been handicapped by multi-step, multi-week, multi-integration, implementation times – averaging weeks to even months. At the heart of the delay is access to data. In fact, in an era of Big Data, access to data has become more, not less complex.

But recent innovation is changing that. Hear how cloud is helping contact centers simplify access to data and empowering teleservices contact centers, like Performant Financial Corporation, shrink their speed to market by half. Hear from Performant Financials’ business analyst, Edward Abreu, as he joins CRM solutions expert and BPO operations veteran, as they discuss how technology is changing the way contact centers remain nimble and competitive in today’s ever-changing market.