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Meet CFPB's New Attempt Requirements 

Don't wait until it's too late. Leverage automatic attempt controls with PDAS

Phone Dial Attempt Supervisor (PDAS) 

LiveVox's PDAS provides automatic attempt controls across your enterprise or agency network that cannot be overridden.

The CFPB is proposing major reforms in debt collection practices that include enforcing a limit of six communication attempts per week. How do you enforce this across your operation - from agent-to-agent? From site-to-site?  LiveVox's Phone Dial Attempt Supervisor (PDAS) addresses the CFPB’s proposed requirements by ensuring all of your operations are adhering to pre-set attempts limits in a simplified and automated model. 

Currently with PDAS, clients can easily:

  • Configure dialing limits to match regulatory changes or business requirements

  • Implement automatic dialing controls across entire enterprise or agency network 

  • Leverage preventative controls vs. post-event audit reviews to manage risk 

Without PDAS, businesses face multi-million, multi-year centralization efforts or risk multi-million dollar litigation. LiveVox's PDAS helps avoid these challenges with a plug-and-play cloud solution that is cost-effective and rapidly implemented.


Addressing the Broad Language of "Communication Attempt"

As the CFPB fine-tunes their restrictions and definitions of what constitutes a "communication attempt," PDAS is rapidly extending its controls to other contact channels including email and print mail. PDAS is a prime example of how LiveVox’s rapid cloud delivery model helps clients cost-effectively stay at the forefront of industry change. 

Don't wait until it is too late. To learn more about PDAS, see our assets below.

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